Get Your Fans Excited About Christmas

It’s almost here. Really. It’s not too soon to be thinking in early autumn about preparations for the Christmas holiday season. One of the great spoilers of this holiday is the stress that’s caused when one has to rush around at the last minute to put the finishing touch on things. So relieve yourself of some Christmastime stress by attending to some of its details now. For example, have you given any thought to Christmas ornaments?

For one of the world’s most decorated holidays, Christmas ornaments serve multiple functions. They can be purely an ornament, or they can serve as a specific remembrance, which is why they also make a great gift. And while a Christmas ornament certainly can have a traditional holiday theme, it doesn’t have to be limited to this. This is why custom Christmas ornaments are great ideas, and custom Christmas college ornaments especially so.

Few fans are as passionate about their teams as those who follow college ones, and ornaments emblazoned with a team logo or mascot make a great way to decorate a tree and other parts of the home at holiday time. Those looking for collegiate ornaments can find historic stadium ornaments both singly or in packages, for multiple fans. The holidays are a way for families to continue friendly collegiate sports rivalries. Custom ornaments like South Carolina’s “Cocky” can be a fun ornament to slip onto the tree or into the stocking of a Clemson Tigers fan. And before that Clemson fan gets too upset, get a cute Tiger football ornament for him or her as well.

And custom Christmas ornaments need not only go on the tree. college Christmas ornaments featuring mascots like Cocky getting into the holiday costume spirit can be displayed on table tops, hung from lighting fixtures, or strung along window tops as well.

And it’s important to remember that the holidays are about starting new traditions with young fans. Custom college ornaments are available that commemorate specific dates in team histories. Celebrate a family’s multi-generational fandom by decorating a tree with a series of ornaments celebrating a team’s victories through the years.

And sometimes decoration and gift shoppers must think outside the box to please demanding fans. If you have a fan who wishes that he or she could spend time year round at the LSU, Clemson, or Alabama stadiums, oblige him or her with a photo-realistic scale replica, decorated for Christmas. After the holidays, these stunning stadium models can be enjoyed year round in offices, children’s rooms, and dens. In fact, the great thing about Christmas college ornaments is how easily they can be repurposed for other uses after the holidays. Those college ornaments used on the tree can be removed and given year round life as key chains, lanyards, zipper pulls, or as distinctive jewelry.

Dawn Fischer is a rabid Christmas decorator and lifelong football fan. She loves to collect college Christmas ornaments, and thinks college Christmas ornaments make both great decorations and great keepsake gifts.


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