Would You Prefer To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean The Natural Way?

Would You Prefer To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean The Natural Way?

Keeping the water in your hot tub or spa perfectly clean is an essential part of the regular routine. After all, germs and bacteria multiply at a fair pace in a warm, wet environment and can pose a serious health problem if not taken seriously. The majority of people think straight away of chemicals such as chlorine and bromine to tackle this problem, however, not everyone is happy with this approach and would prefer to use an alternative instead. In that case take a look at what is available to use instead.

If your hot tub or spa is showing signs of cloudy water or is giving of a peculiar smell, take a look at Aquasafe First Aid Oxidising Additive which uses the purest form of dichlor for a quick recovery of your spa water. As this is a natural product it is recommended that products such as fake tan and artificial fragrances are avoided when using the hot tub. Simply sprinkle over the surface of the water according to the size of your hot tub and run on full power for 20 minutes.

For a deep penetrating clean try Aquasafe Spa Cleanser which is eco friendly and a great alternative for anyone sensitive to chemicals. It will eliminate scale and corrosion, prevent mineral build up and will prolong the life of your equipment as well.

If you live in a hard water area then it can pose a problem to a hot tub or spa. Eliminate the problem by using a Darlly Pure Stream Pre-Filter when filling your hot tub. This devise will de-ionise the calcium in the water making it harmless to your system. It is a good value solution that will last around two years of hot tub fills and is far cheaper than the chemical alternative.


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