Protect Your Web Search With 24/7 DNS

For any kind of communication or information we resort to the internet. The internet has everything that we need to know. It has even become the centre stage for online businesses as well. And everything that we see on the internet are contents of different websites. We browse the internet by surfing through these websites. Every website has a separate IP address. The IP address or the Internet Protocol address is assigned to every registered website. These are a set of numbers which signify the location of the website on the internet. But is difficult for the users to remember the IP addresses and thus for the convenience of the users the domain names are given to each of the websites so that the users can search for the websites by typing the domain names.

What is it all about?

The Domain Names System or the DNS is the process that converts the domain names into the IP address using which the search engine looks for the website, you can visit for more information. There are billions of users using the internet and millions of registered websites with separate IP addresses. It is only because of the DNS that users can easily get to specific websites by just remembering the names of the websites. The DNS server is a network in itself. If a DNS server cannot find a specific website then it takes help from the other servers in locating the site. Without the DNS it would have been difficult to locate any website on the internet as remembering the IP address is a difficult task.

Be careful while surfing internet

In the sea of websites that we find on the web not all are safe. A user should be careful while visiting a website as it may have harmful content. But the question remains as to how anybody would block a harmful website. The 24/7 DNS is the best way to deal with malware, viruses, phising and other forms of threats that come from the harmful websites. 24/7 blocks the websites that are infected and when the users try to open any link that may not be safe it shows a warning message regarding the security.

Also it blocks the websites that have obscene or pornographic elements so that kids can use the internet safely. Whenever a website with such contents is encountered the filter block it showing the warning message and the page doesn’t open. One can also adjust the filters according to one’s own requirements.


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