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Best Mattress Box Moving Tips You Will Read This Year

Moving, regardless of the distance, can always be challenging. You may be filled with preoccupations and all you can think about is how you will move all the heavy stuff. There are so many things you have to take care of when you are moving such as making sure that nothing gets damaged, nothing gets misplaced, and you do not leave anything behind. There’s no denying that when you are moving, you seldom have any peace of mind which is why you need to know the best mattress moving tips to make the process hassle-free and more convenient. From using moving box labels to accessing all the things you need, this guide will help you to move a mattress successfully.

What are The Things You Need To Pack A Mattress?

Mattresses are huge and heavy and moving them is certainly not something you would assume you can do without some help from a professional mover. However, even when you do not have their assistance at times, here are some things you need to keep handy for packing a mattress to ensure it can be free from any damage.

1. Shipping Box

If you are moving the mattress from one room to another or the house next door, you naturally will not be needing any shipping box but if you are moving to some other distant location, you need a huge shipping box that can fit the mattress perfectly and you can prevent it from accumulating dirt, dust, or getting damaged.

2. Mattress Bag

This is an optional need. If you do not have a shipping box or cannot find one, you can use the original bag that came with the mattress when you first bought it. You can pack the mattress in this bag while moving it for the mattress’ safety and protection.

3. Packing Tape

Make sure you add some bubble wrap to the packing if you can and use high-quality movers tape to seal the box or the bag properly to avoid it from spilling out and getting damaged.

These are some of the main requirements of packing a mattress and you should make sure you have all these materials.

What are Some Of The Handiest Tips To Move A Mattress?

Here are some of the most helpful suggestions to aid you in moving a mattress successfully without much hassle.

1. Lift the Mattress Properly

Mattresses are heavy so when you are lifting them, you have chances to sprain your back. To avoid any such occurrences, make sure you squat down and use the strength of your knees to lift the mattress instead of relying wholly on your back. Also, do not move too much or twist and turn a lot when you are lifting the mattress.

2. Get Some Professional Assistance

If it’s possible, it is always better to get help from professional movers as they will have more expertise in the area. Because they are professionals, they will have all the materials like packaging tubes and also the techniques for every step of moving the mattress from packing it to carrying it. Hence, if you want everything to be done with convenience and without much hassle, you can hire a professional.

3. Eliminate Obstructions

Before you start moving your mattress towards the vehicle, make sure that nothing is obstructing your path. If you find that there is anything in the path, clear it away beforehand so that you do not face any issue when you are moving the mattress to the vehicle.

4. Use a Cart

When you cannot get into contact with a professional, the best way to move your mattress is to use a cart. A cart can come in particularly handy when you are moving the mattress all by yourself. You can load the shipping box labels into the cart and its wheels will allow you to drag the heavy item easily to the vehicle.

5. Load the mattress into the vehicle

Once you have reached the vehicle, lift the mattress slowly and load it on the vehicle. Be extremely careful while loading the mattress because this is the toughest part and it is easy to drop the mattress if you lose your grip and it slips from your hand. Hence, make sure you are careful and steady while loading the mattress on the vehicle.

6. Secure the mattress

While driving, the vehicle will move a lot and the mattress can get wobbly causing it to fall if it is not strapped properly. Hence, make sure you use some good-quality straps to secure the mattress on the vehicle properly so that it can stay in the vehicle without any issue.


Moving in itself is an already stressful process and the need to move your mattress may make it even more difficult but you can shed some of that troublesome load by following the mattress box moving tips mentioned above. You can buy the best moving straps at the Collin online store to make sure you can move the box successfully.

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