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Co Meter From Testo – Perfect Solution For Every Requirement

The highest permissible concentration of carbon monoxide in the workplace is 30 ppm (parts per million). Escaping carbon monoxide can very quickly accumulate to a life-threatening extent in enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. A Testo carbon monoxide meter enables reliable detection of this insidious gas.

What is CO?

Carbon monoxide is a combustion gas (harmful gas) that is released when combustion processes are incomplete. The most frequent day-to-day sources of CO are:

Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless and prevents the blood from taking up oxygen when too great a concentration is breathed in. Breathing in a CO concentration of 700 ppm in an enclosed space leads to death after around 3 hours in an adult.

 A Testo CO meter has the following qualities

CO measurement made easy: CO meters from Testo

CO meter with connectable probes – With optimum accessories for special applications.

CO meter with permanent probes – Particularly easy operation due to compact, handy design.

Probes – High-precision electrochemical sensors for long-term stable CO measurement.

Flue gas analyzers – Highly efficient flue gas analysis, also via smart App control.

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