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How Can Professional Email Address Boost Your Enterprise?

Email Address Boost

Despite the popularity of text messaging and other communication channels like Skype, Discord or  Slack, a professional email address is still the preferred mode of communication for many businesses. Around 86% of professionals and businesses communicate via emails with their clients and customers. Several free email services are available, which are not enough for your business’s growth and credibility.

Hence, it becomes essential to opt for a professional Business Email service to help build and maintain your client’s and customer’s relationship. You can buy a Business Email Hosting plan from the same provider when you purchase hosting to ensure easy integration and management.

Today, we will discuss how a professional email with a personal domain boosts your business.

It Creates a Great First Impression

A professional Business Email service makes you look professional and creates a good first impression. So if the first communication with your prospect is via a professional email, it represents professionalism and a great code of conduct. It also reflects the ethics you follow when managing a business. Thus, your email is less likely to get ignored by your potential prospect.

It Establishes Trust

Today it is very easy to create and use a Gmail account; anyone can do it. But when you invest in Business Email Hosting for a professional email, it immediately helps you build and establish customer trust. A professional email linked with your website, which you can use as your domain name, reflects your seriousness towards your enterprise and also drives more traffic towards your website. It acts as evidence that you spent your money and time for your business’s growth and your seriousness towards other products and services you provide.

It Protects your Email from Getting Marked as a Spam

There is a huge possibility of your email getting marked as spam if you send it from a free email service. This could create difficulty for your business, especially if you use email marketing to attract customers and drive sales. Choosing a Webmail Hosting service to set up your own email domain reduces the risk of your critical Business Emails appearing suspicious and getting filtered and thrown into the spam folder. This is especially essential if you send regular newsletters and use email as your primary source of communication to stay in touch with your clients.

It Enhances the Security

Public and free email services are vulnerable to hackers and malware. It could cause a huge threat to your business and its sensitive data. With a professional email and custom domain name, you are in complete control of who uses your accounts and where your email data is stored. It also makes it easy to add or remove users or accounts as your team changes.

It Ensures Data Backup

If a public or free Email Hosting service goes down or shuts down completely, you lose all your business data, files, attachments along with it. And if you do not keep a regular data backup, it becomes a huge loss for your business. But when you create a Business Email, your email host provider is tied with you with a service level agreement, which includes contingency strategies and backups. This ensures that your business email data is secure no matter what, and you can rely on it and restore it anytime in unfortunate situations.

Summing Up

A free email service might seem feasible but comes with many disadvantages. A professional email with a custom domain, in contrast, is an affordable and easy solution to boost your enterprise and leverage other benefits, as mentioned in the article. Thus, to drive sales and grow your business, switch to a professional Business Email and enjoy the benefits.

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