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Stamp Concrete Patio versus Patio Pavers

A home is sure an investment, not only financially speaking but emotionally. Pouring out your emotions, design and desire of having a perfect home are important. Even the exterior surroundings of the home are considered a part and parcel of the home. The backyard patios, driveways, and even the walkways provide pathways that must be in unison to accentuate and even enhance the overall personal and architectural beauty of the home.

In keeping up with the said goal, there are many things to consider like hold up against Mother Nature’s wrath, being maintenance friendly and the reliability that it will look and feel as good as when first put.

There are tons of selections to help pave the way. There are two types that are widely used – the Stamped Concrete and Patio Pavers. This two affordable and attractive outdoor options have both pros and cons in achieving your dream exteriors.


The stamped concrete has a higher aesthetic value as it has unique texture and variation. Plus the fact that it can mimic other natural materials such as brick, flagstone or slate, thus giving it a wider appeal among homeowners.

While others sing praises for patio pavers because of its natural beauty and multitude of surface colors, finishes, and shapes. They also say that with paver stones the design can be personalized due to design flexibility. It is hard to tell who wins when it comes to the essence of beauty since the aesthetic beauty is so subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


Beauty is not only the important factor, but safety is also a concern to be taken into consideration especially if there are kids running around.

With stamped concrete and its continuous slab feature, there is the tendency to be more slippery when wet. This can be solved by putting up anti wet accessories to safeguard the visitors and even the homeowners. During daytime, it also produces a daytime glare that could stun the vision of your visitors. Regarding tripping hazards, pavers also have some drawbacks. This material has the possibility of heaving and settling that can cause uneven surfaces that can lead to a walking accident.

On the issues of beauty and safety, these two exterior design concepts have both their ups and downs. But the edge of the stamped concrete patio ma is more on the issues of being economically viable and being usable with low upkeep.

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