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Things That Make Dubai Different from All the Cities in The World

Dubai is one of those cities that never fails to impress its audience. The location, ratio of expats, the tradition, the rice, and the culture are just a few reasons why people are so attracted to this city. It has so many attractions and amazing places like Emaar Beachfront, Emirates hills, and downtown city. It provides the lavish lifestyle one can dream of. There are many cities in the world but there are many things about Dubai that make it unique and different from other cities.

Here are some reasons why Dubai is different from other cities in the world:

Biggest Mall in The World

Dubai mall, currently the biggest mall in the world. Every shopping lover would really love the place. It has each and every brand of almost everything, every single shop one can imagine. It looks like a whole community inside there. There are places for meetings and much more.

Tallest Building in The World

The tallest building in the world ‘Burj Khalifa’ is also in Dubai, for many people it is the very first thing that comes in their mind when they hear the word Dubai. The lightning of the building is so powerful and amazing that you can almost see the lights from anywhere in the city. The light show and the fireworks at the new year are so famous and amazing that you cannot take your eyes off it, all these are the reminder that why Dubai is so special.


Almost 90% of the population in the UAE are immigrants and expats, most of them live in Dubai. The diversity of this city is one of those aspects which makes it so special. This is so incredible to live in a place where most of the people are not locals by identity, most of them are here for work or visit. This is one of many specialities of Dubai.

Vibrant Culture

The high number of expats and immigrants makes the culture of Dubai so vibrant. It has become a global city, with a huge number of different religions, languages, restaurants, schools, and cultural events. In the holidays, you get to see all these people from different cultures and religions celebrating in their own ways.

Food Scene

The food scene of Dubai is so unique due to the variety of food, in most of the cities you find good food but here in Dubai, you will find a wide variety of good food, from all kinds of continental food to the basic street food. The food is delicious and amazing. There are amazing 5-star hotels, serving the best quality food there are stalls of food serving delicious shawarma.

Delivery System

In Dubai, you can almost get anything with just a click. It is a place where everything is just on your phone, you can order anything from furniture to electronics, everything is just a click away. The weather in Dubai is hot and one doesn’t really want to walk out alone and do the shopping so, Dubai has come up with the solution, why not set everything online?

Involvement of Royal Family In The Society

Dubai’s royal family, known for its down-to-earth relationship with the people of Dubai. We don’t really see royal families usually around the world but, here in Dubai, people get to see that even, get a chance to communicate with them. These royal families have done a lot for Dubai or you can say what Dubai is today is because of these families.

The Extravagance

Everything in Dubai is so extravagant, which it is considered to be one of the most extravagant cities in the world. From St. Regis Saadiyat Island Hotel and its AED 1,28,554 a night royal suite to the luxurious Burj Al Arab, and from the Lamborghini police cars in Dubai to gold-infused coffee, you can order at your lunch. Dubai definitely is an extravagant city.

If you are a traveller or a tourist then this place is going to be the best destination for you. The architect of Dubai is progressing with the speed of light, some great architects like Madinat Jumeirah living, Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah beach are an example of that. Everything about the city is so amazing and unique that makes it different from all the other cities in the world.

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