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Top 4 Tips To Celebrate International Cake Day In Your Restaurant

International Cake Day is a Russian initiative dedicated to international non-commercial projects that focus on global cultural, humanitarian, and peacemaking endeavors.

It was formed every year on July 20 to commemorate the Russian invention. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, and the United States were the first nations to commemorate this day.

The cake, in the opinion of the International Cake Day team, stands for friendship, peace, and international understanding. A group of poets, musicians, artists, chefs, and other creative teams who went by the name Kingdom of Love started the event. The Kingdom of Love originated in Milan, Italy.

“I Cake You” was the catchy tagline to launch the International Cake Day event on its first celebration.

Hence, the following advice will help you enjoy the event at your shops.

Host An Afternoon Tea Party For Patrons

Your business can support a tea party in the afternoon to recognize the blending of variety through the festival’s cake celebration! Who wouldn’t like a delicious piece of cake?

As a result, your restaurant can arrange a tea party for customers and advertise this event on your online ordering website.

For instance, to customize your online ordering page, you can easily register for an account in a digital restaurant menu QR code app that also generates an interactive menu.

Your interactive menu’s interface can be customized, and you can use other menu lists as references.

Furthermore, you can invite your regular clients to your afternoon tea party after creating your online page. You can serve a variety of cakes at your tea party, representing the first nine nations to observe International Cake Day.

Offer A Discounted Price For A Slice Of Cake In Your Restaurant

A discounted price for a piece of cake in your restaurant is another option besides having a tea party with cakes. This will enable you to attract and interact with your cake-loving clients who would prefer a slice of cake without a drink to go with it.

As a result, you can adjust your menu QR code and cake prices. You can educate your customers about the discounted cakes in your restaurant during the celebration of International Cake Day by sending out a newsletter after changing the menu prices.

You are bringing in extra business while satisfying and tempting your consumers’ needs for sweets.

Serve A Free Slice Of Cake To Senior Citizens And Children

You can also curate an initiative to serve a free piece of cake to senior citizens and children dining in your restaurant.

By then, the customers with these specific patrons can also share a slice of your cake. This will allow you to celebrate International Cake Day most cost-effectively.

Hence, you can inform your patrons about this promotion in your restaurant by posting a promotional banner on your online ordering page. You can also send out a promotion letter to your patrons through an email marketing campaign to inform them about your freebies.

You are not only driving more sales to your business, but you also appreciate the regular visits of your patrons.

Support Your Local Bakeries

Inform your neighborhood bakeries and bakers about the International Chocolate Cake Day celebration. They may decide to create a unique menu for the occasion to draw in more clients throughout the festival.

In addition, they might collaborate with your restaurant to deliver the tastiest slice of cake in town for the celebration.

They may continue to serve their tried-and-true cake delicacies! Regardless of what they do, take advantage of this as a great justification to support your favorite local bakery.


I come to you with a cake, I say. Serving cake slices to your guests’ tables will help you connect with them and celebrate International Cake Day.

With the delectable advertising of your business in honor of Cake Day, you may increase customer interaction, keep returning customers, and whet their appetites.

Why are you holding out? Send that newsletter out right now and increase your engagements.

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