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What To Do If Your Dog Is Smelly

Dog Is Smelly

A clean, fresh smelling dog will brighten any dog owner’s day and many will book an appointment with a dog salon after a long day of residential dog training. After all, what better way to cap off a successful residential dog training Manchester session than with a good scrub? However, despite regular baths and grooming, your dog may still smell far from fresh. It might even seem like your complete care and affection to your pet isn’t enough to make him smell nice.

Often, your dog doesn’t smell particularly good, due to his curious and active nature. A good bath can easily treat most foul smells and a tomato juice bath could easily remove the skunk odour. However, a persistent bad smell may indicate a more serious problem.

4 Common Dog Smells And What They Mean

Bad Breath- bad breath could be caused by dental decay or gum disease. More serious conditions like kidney problems and diabetes can also cause bad breath.

Smelly Ears- smelly ears could be a sign of allergies, chronic infection, or mites.

Smelly Skin- if regular baths can’t solve your dog’s smelly skin problem, it could be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. The condition could be accompanied by pimples and hair loss. Antibacterial shampoo and conditioner may treat bacterial infections easily. Use lavender or tea tree oils to remove bad odour. Fungal infection could be an unwanted reaction to recently prescribed antibiotics. Ask your vet for a proper skin medication to treat fungal infection.

Smelly Rear End- if repeated washings can’t solve this problem, blocked anal glands can be the cause. Ask your vet to empty those glands safely. Flatulence may cause bad odour and food allergies may result in frequent gas emissions. Often, a change of diet can help to improve the condition. The vet may give a medication to neutralise certain digestive enzyme.

Diagnosing a smelly dog can be challenging but it will be worth it in the end and your dog will me much happier and more apt to follow directions and show off what he has learned at residential dog training.

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