3 Things Everyone Knows About LIFEGUARD PROFESSION That You Don’t


Being a lifeguard is more than a job, it’s a real passion. In addition to being sporty and in perfect harmony with the water and knowing its dangers, a lifeguard also cares about the lives of others by staying alert and alerting all his senses to be ready to rescue a person in distress at any moment.

Who Is A Lifeguard?

Often associated with the good swimmer, the lifeguard is a person who takes care of the safety of swimmers, whether in an artificial aquatic space such as swimming pools and water parks or around lakes or by the sea or on beaches where swimming is allowed.

A lifeguard needs to have lifeguard certification in order to perform his duties legally and when doing a job as a lifeguard, he or she needs to get a lifeguard recertification after a certain period to continue doing it.

Professional Knowledge And Skill

During the lifeguard certification courses, it is taught that swimming in pools and lakes are two very different areas and the danger can also be different. It is therefore important for a lifeguard to have a true knowledge of the sea or bodies of water and be able to grasp the risks in advance … people’s lives are in their hands and they must appeal to all their reactivity!

Whether on the beach or in the pool, it is essential to have surveillance and prevention skills, good teaching skills, be a good listener, be a good communicator, to be responsive in an emergency situation which involves among other things the ability to inform and give safety instructions to users.

It is also essential to be comfortable with the audience and to know how to get respected by staying polite. In addition to surveillance, the lifeguard is also there to enforce the rules of behavior in the water.

Swimming Supervision

When you are getting a lifeguard certification training then it is the foremost thing that the role of a lifeguard is not only to supervise swimming but also to give swimming lessons to everyone, from children to the elderly.

If you become a lifeguard you will be able to supervise the water activities in the aquatic complexes and the swimming activities but also hold courses in aquagym, aquayoga, aquabike, aqua fitness … or any other activity. You will also be able to have the pleasure of transmitting a passion to the youngest, through the initiation of swimming in the children’s clubs.

What Skills Are Required Of A Lifeguard?

It is essential to be an excellent swimmer, to have a good knowledge of first aid, to have absolute composure during drowning operations, and to be able to be friendly and to know how to listen to people.

You can become a lifeguard or lifeguard by following a training course that includes a theoretical part and a practical part.

There are three different types of lifeguard certifications:

  • It allows you to monitor a swimming pool;
  • Valid for inland waters (lakes) and swimming pools;
  • Valid for the sea, inland waters, and swimming pool.

At the end of the course, you will be examined with aptitude tests to assess your level and your physical condition: you may be asked to do apnea exercises or perform first aid. All these exercises are carried out with the aim of allowing you to deal with situations that you may encounter in real life.

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Final Words

Water-related activities are a passion for some people and then there are those who keep watch of the people who are enjoying water. Supervision and safety providers in water conditions i.e swimming pools, lakes, or beaches are called lifeguards.

To get into this profession, you have to get a lifeguard certification from a reputed training center. Here I would like to reference the American Lifeguard Association (ALA) which is a well-reputed organization that is providing all types of lifeguard training courses.

If you are already working as a lifeguard, then you will certainly need to get lifeguard recertification to continue the job. The American Lifeguard Association is located in all the major cities and if you make search for lifeguard recertification near me, most likely you will end up with ALA. So contact ALA for more on lifeguarding to make you passion your profession.