5 Plus Size Lingerie Models To Watch In 2019


Being the face of the plus size lingerie industry is not an easy role to take on. In a world where 0 is still the most widely accepted size for models—especially in the U.S.—flaunting a curvy figure in skimpy lingerie down narrow runways and in glossy magazine spreads requires much more steely courage than most people realize.

 These five plus size models take on the challenge of representing an underrepresented demographic in the lingerie industry with bravery, grace, beauty, and—of course—sexiness. These five women are at the forefront of redefining beauty, sex appeal, and body positivity, and they are on track to shine even brighter in 2019.

 1. Ashley Graham

 No list of top plus size lingerie models would be complete without mentioning Ashley Graham. In early 2018, Ashley became the first plus size model to ever be featured within the pages of the infamous annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

 When she isn’t busy keeping up with the demands of her skyrocketing modeling career, Ashley is devoted to helping other women feel better about themselves and their bodies. She believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and regularly speaks out in support of body positivity and self-confidence.

 2. Sabina Karlsson

 Sabina Karlsson did not begin her modeling career as a plus size model. She starred in Scandinavia’s Next Top Model and then initially began her career as a runway model for top designers like Jean Paul Gaultier. As time went on, though, Sabina realized that she wasn’t happy trying to force herself to fit into the mold of the classic model body type, so she decided to switch her career over to plus size modeling where she knew she could be herself and live and work more happily and authentically.

 Sabina’s decision to make better choices for her physical and mental health by refusing to conform to the standards of the traditional modeling industry serves as a major inspiration for women everywhere who are struggling to accept and love themselves just the way they are.

 3. Quinn Miles

 Quinn Miles is a woman of color and Los Angeles-based plus size lingerie model. She is devoted to authenticity and presents her beautiful, sexy self just as she is—with curves and natural hair—without trying to conform to narrow-minded mainstream beauty standards.

 Throughout her many years in the plus size modeling industry, Quinn has been featured in sexy plus size styles in Glamour and has also been involved in partnerships with major brands including Macy’s and Old Navy.

 4. Fluvia Lacerda

 Fluvia Lacerda is Brazilian plus size lingerie model who wears a dress size 20, bra cup size 38DD, and is widely known as “the plus size Gisele Bündchen”. While this title that has been bestowed upon Fluvia is meant to be complimentary, it can’t be easy for her to be constantly compared to an ultra-famous ex-Victoria’s Secret angel/supermodel who embodies the traditional “model figure” to a T.

 Despite her initial growth in the shadow of another Brazilian model’s name, Fluvia has successfully made her own name for herself over the last few years. She earned a spot on the cover of Vogue Italy and is signed to Ford Models—a popular American international modeling agency that is renowned for its recruitment of diverse models, including many plus size women and women of color.

 5. Margaret Macpherson

 Margaret Macpherson is a curvy Australian plus size model. She regularly flaunts her figure in ultra-sexy plus size lingerie styles throughout her partnership with popular plus size lingerie retailers and other major brands including Cosmopolitan, Dita Von Teese, and many more.

 Margaret is a stunning inspiration in more ways than one. Not only is she a popular Australian plus size model, she is also a talented makeup artist and an activist for women’s right and body positivity—she recently starred in Project WomanKIND, which is a YouTube series that aims to help boost women’s confidence and erase their body insecurities.