A Message to Young People About Smoking Marijuana


As a counselor in drug addiction and human relation cbdweeds, I’ve helped solve the trouble of smoking marijuana normally in each young adults and grown up human beings. So, for the sake of assisting you, in case you are involved on understanding whether or not or now not smoking weed is harmful for your fitness, I’m going to summarize all the matters I’ve found out approximately the hassle.

First of all: no matter how oftentimes people say marijuana is harmful, there are a few facts we should don’t forget earlier than thinking about it as a completely extreme problem. I want to emphasize that I am now not talking against or in desire of smoking marijuana, I am handiest providing the real information.

Second reality: smoking pot it isn’t dangerous itself, however there are other things that may be beyond your control that could lead you to trouble. If you manage it, that is to mention, if you could smoke fairly, (slight way a “joint” or “nail” each few days), you can theoretically keep smoking for all your life without dangerous facet-effects. The plain fact is that if you control to smoke weed moderately, you do not have an excessive amount of to fear approximately. However, in truth, it’d be very difficult to accomplish and too few human beings keep such manage for a long time, and for a few human beings, every day it’ll be more difficult to maintain.

Third reality: lying to teens about marijuana does greater damage than top. So it truly is the reason why I’m talking to you as plainly as I can. You’re unfastened to study this, take what is beneficial for you, and draw your personal conclusions. It’s as much as you.

Let’s face it: marijuana isn’t as harmful as many people are saying. In all honesty we must accept the reality that it isn’t an addictive drug, at the least no more addictive than coffee, alcohol or tobacco. To take a look at this from any other factor of view: pot may be as addictive as another element for a few people. People can grow to be hooked on chocolate, video gaming, messaging, exercising, coke, and so forth. I’m certain you have got found out that almost everyone is addict to something, and you have requested your self how the hell your mother and father, your mate, or your buddies are asking you to quit from smoking weed in the event that they indeed are hooked on some thing. So, why stop smoking weed?