Emirates Business Class: The Ultimate in Luxury Air Travel


Emirates Business Class is the epitome of luxury air travel. From the moment you step onboard, you are treated to a level of service and comfort that is unmatched by any other airline.

The seats are spacious and lie-flat, making it easy to get a good night’s sleep on even the longest flights. Each seat also comes with its own personal TV, so you can relax and watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

In addition to the excellent seats, Emirates Business Class also offers a wide variety of amenities. These include a dedicated check-in counter, access to Emirates’ premium lounges, and a pre-flight dining menu.

Once you’re onboard, you’ll be served a delicious meal from Emirates’ award-winning catering team. You can also choose from a variety of drinks, including champagne, wine, and cocktails.

After your meal, you can relax in the spacious cabin or take a shower in the onboard shower spa. Emirates Business Class truly offers the ultimate in luxury air travel.

Here are some of the specific features that make Emirates Business Class so special:

  • Spacious lie-flat seats with personal TV
  • Dedicated check-in counter and access to Emirates’ premium lounges
  • Pre-flight dining menu
  • Award-winning catering
  • Wide variety of drinks
  • Onboard shower spa