How has Sports Technology Changed Basketball?


A basketball player requires plenty of practice and building of form before they can play in a real match. The key factor in the game of basketball is shooting skill; therefore, players need to practice basketball shooting regularly.

With the introduction of technology, practice sessions have become even more interesting and effective for players. It has become more than a simple routine of “catch and shoot basketball.

These developments in technology in basketball, in turn, changed the game itself in many ways.

Basketball is a relatively simple game that requires a basket, a ball, and a group of players. However, with rising popularity, basketball became increasingly competitive, and a lot of innovation was introduced for:

  • Training
  • Ease of playing
  • Ensuring fair judgments

It has been the trend for most popular sports. Hence, it can result in technological development in the sports field. These developments, in turn, changed the sport itself in many ways.

Sports Technologies that Changed Basketball and Practice Basketball Shooting 

Change is inevitable; when a change affects a beloved pastime of those around the world, we get involved. Technology had indeed made a lasting impact on the world of basketball shoot game and will likely continue to make an impact on the game is played in the future.

Technology can be good or bad, and the various effects can depend upon a specific individual and their opinion. But we are here today to give a broader understanding and a better perspective into the technology that goes into basketball. So here is a list of some technologies and their workings.

Catch and Shoot Basketball Shot

Find it hard to shoot your ball seconds after catching it from your opponent? Technology can help you with that!

Apps like ShotTracker are made to observe shooting styles and give you reports based on that. Using an app like this, you can review your shooting and judge where your shots are going wrong.

With enough practice and experience, you can learn to shoot your ball from different angles and distances to achieve the perfect shot!

Technology helps athletes attain unbelievable levels of shooting skills but can work the same way for passing. Catch and shoot basketball can be improved by tracking player’s movement.

Are you passing the ball to the opponents? Not able to catch the ball? Where did you go wrong? Once you figure it out, ultimately, it’s easy to prevent these mishaps.

Artificial Intelligence

  • One way to ensure a fair and just game is to use AI to keep an eye on the game. These devices trackball and human movements to give a clear picture of any moment in the game.
  • Basketball, being a fast-paced game, basketball allows for lousy referee calls or a lack of calls at all due to inevitable human error. These tools can be used to challenge referee decisions and improve accuracy.
  • When in doubt, referees have access to recorded close-ups of the video stream along with the ball and player movement.

Shot Clock 

  • These giant clocks measure time down to the second.
  • It prevents any possible partiality attributed to the person in charge of timing the game manually.
  • It also keeps the audience informed continuously and on their toes. It makes the game glamorous and famous.

Practice Basketball Shooting and Technology

Shooting hoops has been taken to another level with the help of technology and its constant evolution. Although this is an integral part of any basketball player’s practice, could it have been changed for good?

Shoot-A-Way has introduced a technologically advanced shooting gun that can augment the overall skill of a player and a team. Let’s see how Shoot-A-Way gun can improve the quality:

Facility Basketball Machine 

  • The facility basketball machine helps in training basketball players. Every ball you shoot is shot back at you by this machine.
  • This way, one can practice shooting balls continuously.  Because the balls automatically come back to you, without skipping, the players are in better form.
  • This kind of training without a machine would be costly and not available to most players as it would require the assistance of several skilled people.
  • The time between two balls being fired back, the angles at which the hops come back, etc., are all pre-defined by the user, allowing for a wide range of skill development.

Health Apps and Fitness

  • Various health and lifestyle apps allow you to track your eating and exercise habits.  It breaks down your daily goals and helps you keep them in check.
  • Diet apps help athletes maintain fitness by suggesting meals daily based on the user’s requirements and behavior.
  • Some diet apps even have shop features that help you instantly buy all diet deficiencies in your meals in real-time and make the whole process of eating healthy very easy.
  • Exercise apps come with videos and step by step animated tutorials to help users exercise properly.
  • These fitness apps come with routines suggested based on user behavior and goals.
  • It maximizes the effect of good eating and exercising habits can have on a person.

Pattern trackers and Sensor Shoes

  • Sensors in shoes, technologically advanced balls, etc., are now on the market.
  • They help you understand your shooting patterns etc., during your practice sessions.
  • With this data, you can work on your flaws.

Data collection

A common thread we notice throughout the various technologies used to tackle several problems is collecting data.

Trackers track all sorts of data- game statistics, movements, patterns, and even habits. These devices use cameras, sensors, and other devices to input data. Using this to create a database and predict future possibilities increases the possibility of a player getting better.


In conclusion, the practice basketball shooting have remained more or less the same throughout time. However, technology has helped to improve accuracy and increase the popularity and reach of this game. So basketball players, which technologies do you think you need the most!