How To Handle Every Shift Handover Automation Challenge With Ease Using These Tips?


The shift handover is one of the essential choices to handle the operations/workflows in an organization. While most enterprises are struggling with manual recording and errors, the automation tool provides better scheduling and implementation. Gone are the days when employees used to work fixed hours, as they can have the flexibility to work multiple shifts.

The management and shift scheduling between the employees allow them to work in comfort. But how to handle the shift transfer most effectively? That’s where automated solutions like staff shift scheduling software come into the picture. It comes with the most beneficial features to boost overall productivity and outcomes. The shift scheduling tool can even impact workforce functioning, employee retention, and other benefits.

However, we can’t deny that there are certain challenges involved with the shift handover automation process. Let’s explore all major bottlenecks with shift handover and how software automation can deal with them.


Communication Through The Logbook During Shift Handover

One of the basic challenges with shift handover automation is to keep accurate records/bookkeeping in the logbook. Ideally, the outgoing controller should be able to produce a proven report on the operating and other shift conditions. In a similar phase, the incoming controller should be able to figure out the reporting and begin the shift handover process. The control room manager should be able to view and explore the entire process happening during the automation.

If the outgoing controller fails in keeping accurate records in the logbook, the incoming controller will be getting misled information. Moreover, the control room manager won’t be able to have a clear and appropriate activity picture. It can make the employee shift handover critical with no communication or streamlined objectives. Such scenarios of poor communication can even put the operations at risk of more exposure.

How To Handle This Challenge?

Go for the solution that maintains the right balance between the controller devices and the manager. Effective control room management software and other technologies can bring an electronic logbook. The automated staff shift scheduling software will also eliminate manual errors with no record from pen and paper. The tool will also benefit the control room manager in multiple ways with full compliance with CRM rules. Overall, a structured and oriented shift handover process can keep monitoring control while reducing the complete burden.

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Manage & Pass Adequate Information In Shift Handover

The employee shift handover process with no structure or definitions can lead to the transfer of inadequate information. The communication gaps between incoming and outgoing controllers can create confusion and chaos for everyone. There can be plenty of other concerns during the record and communication during the shift handover process –

– An instrument in the shift management process is not working correctly.

– A malfunction resulting in damage to people, property, and the environment.

– A specific scenario that exceeds the design limit of the component.

There can be certain other concerns related to the shift handover process. The outgoing controller can miss critical information and response without a streamlined shift handover process. The logging and bookkeeping tool can review the operating conditions to include them in the handover report. The overall process can reduce the trouble of undue reliance on structural communication.


Keeping Your Communication Levels Documented

Every time the shift handover will go through a control room regulatory audit, the manager will need complete details on the process. It includes two types of essential queries to consider for effective communication levels –

– How can you be sure that the controllers complied with the shift handover process?

– How can you ensure correct data communication with the correct controller?

If you’re missing the consistent process to maintain bookkeeping in the shift handover processes, it will create unnecessary chaos. That’s when you need to follow reliable recording operation conditions. It will ensure the right communication with the regulator while keeping controllers in the loop of the handover process.

Opt for the staff shift scheduling software to create proper documentation of the communication. Demonstrate the complete shift handover process to controllers with future resources and credible documentation. As the controller completes the logs in the software, there is no need for other manual actions. Keep complete recording with automation to create an audit trail for regulatory compliance. Additionally, the shift management software keeps a track of each controller with username and password.

Final Word

Hopefully, the shared challenges and details on the shift handover automation have made everything clear. There can be certain other challenges in the shift scheduling and management process. However, these might vary from organization to organization. An ideal shift scheduling automation or software is enough to deal with any minor or major struggles. So, adopt shift scheduling automation in your organization and simplify the handover process with complete transparency.