How To Play Teen Patti And What Are The Rules You Should Know?


Teen patti Poker has become one of the most popular casino games worldwide, in brick and mortar and also online. Many jurisdictions offer tournament play or huge prizes. The game is very easy to learn and simple to play.

Poker hand rankings for Teen patti online differ somewhat from the standard 5 card poker hands in that three of a kind beats a Straight. In a 5 card poker hand, the reverse is true.

How to Play

Before play starts you must first make an Ante wager. The dealer will then give each player and him or herself 3 down cards from a standard 52 card deck. If you have a strong hand, make a Play bet equal to your Ante wager. If not you may fold and forfeit the bet. After the dealer reveals the cards the player status will be determined. The dealer must have at least a Queen or higher to qualify. If you win and the dealer qualifies you collect even money for both wagers. If the dealer does not qualify, you will be paid even money for your Ante wager and your Play bet pushes. If the dealer’s hand beats yours, the house collects both wagers.

Teen patti Poker is a fairly easy game, with few but very important rules. So, before you start playing, it’s a good idea to make sure you know how the game works. The action takes place on a casino table, similar to the classic blackjack table.

It is very important to know that, unlike other poker card games, in Teen patti Poker the hand ranking is different. In practice, you will understand that the straight payouts are better than those given by the suit. Below, you will see the scale by which the hand ranking is done:

  • Straight Flush
  • Trinity
  • Kenta
  • Colour
  • Couple
  • Higher Paper

Bonus Payout

There is also an Ante bonus payout if you are dealt a Straight or higher. It’s paid whether or not you lose your Play wager:

  • Straight – Pays 1 to 1
  • Three of a Kind – 4 to 1
  • Straight Flush – 5 to 1

The house edge is calculated at about 3.37%.

Pair Plus Option

The Pair Plus bet is an optional wager you can make that is independent of your Ante and Play wagers. You will be paid the following if you have at least a pair:

  • Any Pair – Pays 1 to 1
  • Flush – 4 to 1(3 to 1 in some jurisdictions)
  • Straight – 6 to 1
  • Three of a Kind 30 to 1
  • Straight Flush – 40 to 1
  • Mini-Royal – 200 to 1 (Q-K-A not offered everywhere)

Your chances of being dealt at least a pair are about one in four. You should expect some type of winning payout about 25% of the time. Pay tables vary between jurisdictions. For example, the above Pair Plus table has a house edge of about 2.3% whereas the edge jumps to 7.3% when 3 to 1 is paid for the Flush.

Teen patti flushes and straights are often worth playing, particularly ace/king/queen high flushes and high straights, these are more likely to be drawing to a higher hand than your opponents, and can also hit high pairs, two pairs and trips. They should be played with caution though, paying close attention to opponent’s up-cards.

So, overall, play very strong hands only, don’t chase too far, and pay close attention to all the up-cards in the game. If all this sounds like too much effort, then a simpler game may be more your cup of tea, but you’ll definitely be missing out on some great action and possibly some easy money on the teen patti stud tables!

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