Laws And Rules About Cycling in A City


Did you know that there are certain rules that apply if you want to ride a bike in the city? You need to be well educated in order not to break any law because you can get a ticket and pay up to $300. There are certain laws when it comes to safety on the road. will give you some advice about this.

A person that is under the age of ten is not allowed to ride a bike. A 10 – year old person is allowed to ride a bike only if they are accompanied by a person that isn’t younger than 16. If you break some of these rules the parents of the child will receive a ticket that obliges them to pay up to $50.

Limiting the speed is another thing you need to be very careful about in order not to receive a ticket. A bike rider is not allowed to drive more than 25 km/h in a city. You can increase that speed if you ride outside of the city.

Lights are a must. The bike must have yellow lights on the front side as well as red reflex – reflectors or reflective tape on the back and a reflex-reflectors with yellow or orange color on each side.

The bike rider is obliged to move closer to the right edge of the road, and if there is a cycling path – on the bicycle path or lane. If two or more bike riders are moving in a group, they are obliged to move one after another. If the path is separately regulated by a cycling route, the rider of the bike should be moving on the right track cycling to the direction of movement of traffic.

When on bike paths arranged and marked for bicycle traffic in both directions, they move from the right side in the direction of movement of vehicles.

The driver of the bike and a bicycle with an auxiliary motor scooter can move only in those areas where it is allowed movement of such vehicles and must not move on a bicycle path or lane at a speed greater than 25 km / h.

The driver of the bike is obliged to manage the bike in a way that it does not decrease the stability of the bicycle and do not impede other road users, and in particular must not move hands off the wheel to hold on another vehicle, transporting, or pushing objects that can interfere with the vehicle’s handling or endanger other road users.

The law recommends wearing a protective helmet while driving on the road and reflective vest in conditions of reduced visibility. Vest and helmet are not required.

The bike must not be a transporting vehicles and the driver should not transport things larger than one meter. Also, while driving a bicycle, it is forbidden to walk your pet. If you break these rules you will have to pay a fine.