Men’s Wig Guide: How to Buy Your First Wig?


Many over-the-counter tablets and medications deal with hair loss or baldness. Some men even go for a hair transplant. You could begin your new journey and breathe new life into your life by looking into a man’s wig.

Men are less likely than women to discuss new lace front wigs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use wigs to boost their self-esteem. Men’s wigs are as effective at improving one’s image as a clean shave, a hairpiece, or a lace wig hairstyle.

Men’s wigs are perfectly acceptable as long as they give you a sense of confidence. It’s the same as trying out a new lace style, wearing hair accessories or putting on hair extensions. 

Wigs for men are an excellent alternative for hairstyles since they allow you to switch up your hair and try a new look, whether short or long.

Let’s say you want to enhance your natural beauty and go wig shopping. In that case, you can begin your search by visiting a website devoted to hair, like New Times Hair , which offers a large selection of wigs for guys. But first, let’s discuss what male wigs are and how they function.

What Are Wigs and Toupees?

For starters, if you’re seeking to shop for men’s wigs for the first time, you might have questions concerning toupees. Men apply wigs in diverse ways. 

Whether or not the wearer has hair, a wig is a full cap hair system that covers the entire head. Another critical point is that wigs are easily removable and don’t require the employment of any special glues to keep them in place.

Many wigs are elasticized to keep them in place and comfortable on your head. To cover bald spots, men use toupees and specially formulated glue. 

Compared to wigs, men’s hair systems or toupees are partial hairpieces that only cover the problem areas like bald spots on the crown or hairline.  Having a professional put on the toupee is essential so that the hair blends perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair. Most of the time, the person wearing the hairpiece must return to the stylist to get rid of it.

The toupee can be attached using clips if you don’t want to use glue. It might not be as secure as it would be if the adhesive were employed, though. Because of this, men may prefer to wear hairpieces or wigs.

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What Are Synthetic Hair or Acrylic Wigs?

Acrylic or synthetic wigs can be hard to wear sometimes, even though they are light and look natural. Since it might warm your head, synthetic hair is best for temporary wig wear. As a result, people may prefer acrylic wigs for events like costume parties.

When cleaning acrylic wigs, avoid using a hairdryer because the heat could melt the men’s wigs. The hairdo retains its form even after being washed since it is pre-styled. It is feasible to wear acrylic wigs in the rain.

Men can buy synthetic hair wigs easily because they come in stock sizes. Every six to seven months, you should change them. For completely bald men, you can easily buy wig caps or sticky pads to keep the wig from falling off.

What Are Human Hair Wigs?

Wigs are a great way to keep your traditional look if you are going through hair loss. The majority of individuals prefer to wear human hair wigs. However, these men’s wigs could cost more than $250, which is quite pricey. Although the price mentioned above may seem high, this natural wig can last up to four years.

Men’s human hair wigs cannot be cleaned easily, unlike synthetic hair, and must be kept dry and protected from the elements. Human hair wigs are styled with a wig block to feel and appear realistic. Consider the following advice while looking for a natural hair wig:

  • If you decide to buy your wig from a store in person, clearly describe your situation and ask for a private space to try it on before you buy it.
  • The first few men’s wigs you wear may make you uncomfortable, perhaps because you haven’t seen yourself with hair in a long time. Keep searching until you find the one you prefer.
  • Always be mindful of how you position the wig. The mistake of wearing wigs backward is simple. Additionally, it looks best to place men’s wigs next to your hairline.
  • By not leaving your wigs lying around, you can keep your home tidy.


We’ve just talked about a few types of wigs and elaborated on the difference between wigs and toupees, as well as the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Normally human hair wigs last longer than synthetic hair wigs, and are of much better quality. 

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