Over-Reliance On Tech – Spellings Ability of Today’s Generation Is Affected or Not

Over-Reliance On Tech – Spellings Ability of Today’s Generation Is Affected or Not?


Standard methods of taking notes and assignments have changed from sheet to screen with the emergence of new technologies. Now the world is a global community that tends to be smaller and closer digitally. You get connected with the world within milliseconds. Traveling the world from the comfort of home has become easier now. How? Just scroll up and down on the screens you have i.e. hand-held devices. With this globalization, the researchers and students access the library of books on fingertips. Digital textbooks, research papers, articles, blogs, stories, and much more, everything is digitalized. Now, everyone gets the ease of these opportunities, the same goes for the students. Whatever they write, they go for the online tools to check out what is wrong and right and edit there.

Digital Writing

The large proportion of the written form we’re using throughout 2020 is digital. Major tasks like essays, research papers, textbooks, and other forms of major academic writings are on computers, laptops, and phones. Most hardly, we find academics handwritten. This means that because of fully automated dictionary and grammar checks, most of what we “write” on our devices is accurate. Throughout all services, the commonly associated blue and red highlighted text is commonplace. There is no need to install any extra application into the systems as these services are also available online. Well, these tools hold great importance in everyone’s life but the problem starts when we rely on them too much that we doubting our knowledge. These tools have fixed programmed functions that they perform but sometimes these tools can’t differentiate between the contexts and give the different word other than context. That’s why students must learn the important spellings and most importantly, the basic ones. At the stage of Grade 7, students must take good care of the word’s spellings. For example, spelling for grade 7 is available on different tools available online.

Even for a short piece of write up, we go for these tools. In this technological era, some fewer people know how to write correctly without technology. There are several reasons why skills such as spelling are very important to move in life. Those who are unaware of these things seem careless and uneducated. Having bad spelling skills can cost you a job.

Spell-Check and Auto-Correct

Tools like Grammarly and ginger software help a lot in the field of education and content writing. This auto-correction is working well for academics but these writers have to speak up in the public, they find a lot of trouble because they don’t have access to this auto-correction software.


Grammarly is known to be the best spell-checker as well as a remover for grammatical errors with concise reports. It appears to be red lines for the grammatical and spelling errors. On the other hand, blue lines are for the text to clarity. It gives the reason why the text is wrong. Also, gives the correct replacement for that wrong word. There are plans available for the users. Greatly, it has a free plan which only tells the basic mistakes. Sentence structures are meant to be for the paid plans.

Ginger Software

It is an alternative for Grammarly which also gives the correct reports. It has online proofreading services in a separate section. Moreover, the reliability is Okay and gives authentic reports just like Grammarly.

Is Technology Affecting Students Positively?

According to my point of view, there are two technologies for students. Learning tools and checker tools. Reliance on checker tools affects the skills of the students negatively. The reason is that they don’t get reliance on their skills which is not a good thing. In the public speakings, they get bad impressions because

  • They don’t know the spellings of a specific word
  • This results in the incorrect pronunciation of words

Apart from this, grammar mistakes can haunt you in public as this targets a bad impression. The audiences think of you as he/she is uneducated or he/she has no knowledge of English expressions and grammatical rules. Learning at an early age is very important. As discussed above, Grade 7 spelling words should be learned by the students from the learning tools but complete reliance on the checkers will ruin the mind’s capabilities. Having spelling proficiency develops the whole English language as it makes up words and words make up the sentences.

If we talk about the learning tools like Spellquiz, then it is harmful to the students ‘ learning capabilities. This tool has grading systems which mean that for Grade 5, the bundle of words is according to their learning capabilities and the same goes for other grades. Difficulty level steps up by grade to grade. This gives a clear and concise report of the tests.

Just complete reliance on the checkers impacts negatively but learning tools are very informative in all ways.