Six Places That Make Dubai an Ideal Place for Expatriates

Six Places That Make Dubai an Ideal Place for Expatriates


In order to try their luck outside their motherlands, thousands of people around the world pack their suitcases half-heartedly. It is indeed very tough for people to leave their hometowns and shift their entire livelihood to a strange place with a strange neighborhood. Homesickness is one thing, but the struggle of managing everything from house chores to finances is an overwhelming hassle.

Therefore there is nothing more imperative for expatriates to choose the right location to call home, everything needs to be keenly observed from the nearby supermarket, to close by institutes. It is highly essential to be strategic when you are deciding which place you want to call home. If you are someone who is an expatriate living in Dubai or in the process of becoming one then, consider yourself lucky for we have compiled a list of great locations that can not only ensure absolute security but also provides comfortable living, just like, Madinat Jumeirah living.

1. Mirdif

Getting a place close to the airport has always proven to be beneficial for the residents, as well as potential investors as not only the market price keeps getting higher, but also enables the residents to access the airport and perks surrounding it. You will always be close to important locations like malls, restaurants, and institutes. Moreover, the feel of neighborhoods that are close to airports has a more serene environment.  From Mirdif the airport seems to be only a long walking distance away and despite its close proximity to intense human activity, this landmark happens to remain noise free. If you are looking for a place that is a complete package, Mirdif is the place to live in!

2. Downtown

If you are a shopaholic or somebody full of extroverted energy then Downtown is a home for you, for it is perfectly located at the heart of Dubai, making Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall extremely easy to access. As this is extremely close to all the places that are hot spots for tourists, you can enjoy many benefits by living here. The food, sparkly malls, and everything VIP about Dubai are close to Downtown. This landmark is although a bit bustling, making it not such an ideal location for people with introverted inclination, however, outgoing people would really enjoy living here.

3. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is located at the liaison of old and New Dubai and consequently, making it one of the most interesting residential areas in the entire United Arab Emirates. With Dubai Marina’s posh apartments and a man made harbor only a few yards away, it is considered to be one of the topmost luxurious locations in Dubai with an extensive array of villas for sale, as well as rental purposes. If you have the budget and are looking for a place that offers one of a kind living standards, Dubai Marina is for you!

4. Arabian Ranches

Although this location is famous among western expatriates, it greets people from nonwestern countries as well. Arabian Ranches is one of the most notable residential areas in Dubai that offer a simple yet elegant lifestyle by providing excellent hospitals, schools, and even restaurants. Located just outside the fringes of Dubai, Arabian ranches are among the quietest areas of Dubai.

5. Emirates Hills

The Emirates hills ought to be the top of your list if you are seeking to go to an extremely serene place that could calm your nerves.  This fairyland is divided into two landmarks, The Springs and The Meadows, both of which are found at the outskirts of bustling Dubai, giving this destination an atmosphere of the calmness and serenity.

6. Al Barsha

Made for a perfect family life, Al Barsha is fully equipped with the amenities, a decent family lifestyle requires. The community of Al Barsha is very accommodating to expatriates and it celebrates the diversity of its community.

To make a living somewhere other than your hometown might seem like the most arduous task, but a good and welcoming community can make this shift far easier. Its time now for you to enjoy your living in Dubai, the above mentioned places are some of the many wonderful locations, if you are interested in  more, then Emaar Beachfront and many similar places will certainly be worth it for you.