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Smart Watch or Smart Band


Is it worthy to spend hundreds of times the price of a band to buy a smart watch? Many users have such doubts when choosing a smart device. Today’s article aims to teach you the difference between smart watches and smart bands. I hope that all users can refer to the content of this article when purchasing related products.

First of all, smart watches are more decorative than smart bands. Whether smart watches and smart bands are worth buying, this article will tell you. In fact, consumption is irrational. A small matter makes one buy a thing that over his economic condition.

What is the strength of smart watches over smart bands? First, price! Some high-end users need an intelligent close-fitting device to supervise and guide their sports. The price of the band is low, it is not suitable for these high-end users to wear. Smart watches are expensive and are suitable for such users. Second, smart watches are equipped with GPS navigation system. This function allows many functions to continue to work after disconnect the Bluetooth connection. However, the smart band is not good. Without Bluetooth of the mobile phone, it can only remind the time.

At present, the function of smart band is more comprehensive. Compared with smart watches, smart bands have similar functions. They include sleep reminder, sedentary reminder, exercise reminder and drinking water reminder. The fact is, no one will really follow their reminders. It is much better for users to keep good work and rest habits than to buy a band or watch.

Many people have changed because they bought smart bands and smart watches. These devices virtually urge users’ work and rest and living habits. Some users give up after they only keep exercising for two or three days. Later, after seeing his own body data, he persisted for a period of time. This is better than not exercising all the time.

At present, the prices of some mainstream smart bands and smart watches in the market are not high. The price of HONOR Watch Magic is £69.99. The price of HONOR Band 5 is only £29.99. Users can purchase with confidence and boldness. For the sake of physical health, users will definitely not lose the money. HUAWEI has perfect warranty service. During the warranty period, HUAWEI will repair any non-man-made damage to the equipment for free.

Smart Watch

These are all the viewpoints of this article. I hope this article can help you when deciding whether to buy smart electronic accessories.