Things You Must Know About A Towing Company


To work efficiently it’s important that you follow a certain plan. A structured plan not only insures completion of the task, but also creates consistency. Companies have realized this truth and therefore do the same. Companies have defined goals and targets towards which all the employees work together, a structured plan defines every person’s goals and their limitations and thus it provides a convenient pattern to follow. A structured plan consists on company’s goals, policies to achieve those goals and rules and regulations. It’s essential that a company follows the rules and regulations either set by the company or by the government.

Rules and Regulation for Towing Companies:

If I want towing near me then it’s essential to look for the towing company offering complete and reliable services and I should also see for a company which follows its state rules; otherwise state can cancel their registration too. State can regulate the:

  • Price of towing service
  • Payment methods for the service
  • Time duration i.e. for how long towing yards must remain open
  • Only state can authorize how will conduct the towing
  • That what information must be included in a tow slip
  • But when you are using private land, the owner of the land can authorize the towing

Charges for towing services:

Maximum charges for a normal towing of vehicle:

The maximum charges for a vehicle with weight 10,00lbs is $120

Charges if the owner arrives at the moment vehicle are hooked:

If the owner comes before the vehicle is being towed, then he/she has to pas $60 maximum.

Maximum storage rate:

The maximum charges for storage per day are $24.

Maximum administration charges:

The maximum administration charges are $30.

What to do if you are overcharged

If you think you are charged wrong for your services you can claim for the charges by simply filling up a form, along with it you must submit:

  • A photocopy of your tow slip
  • Time, day and date at which your vehicle was towed
  • Time, day and date at which you received your vehicle back
  • A photocopy of your vehicle’s registration
  • Information about your vehicle

State’s action to reduce road troubles

To reduce the troubles of its citizen states have made towing companies, but unfortunately these state controlled companies are not enough to fulfill the needs of its consumers, therefore many private companies started to emerge. The ratio is still very high, more towing companies are required in different states to completely fulfil the needs of every citizen.