Living Room Plants

Top 7 Living Room Plants to Brighten Up Your Living Space


A bit of greenery can transform any place – and can breathe new life into a room. This is one of the easiest ways to update your home without spending huge amounts of money on new furniture or interiors. They are a tried and tested way to bring vibrant color to your home and to bring nature inside. Also,they are a great way to purify the air in your home. Today’s article is all about plants to brighten up your living space. Take a look and see which plant you can keep in your living space.

Peace Lily

Peace lily shiny leaves and unusual spoon-shaped white flowers add style to any living space. They are fine with low to medium light conditions, although they bloom better with bright light. Allow the soil to dry between water. Make your living space look alive with a pretty peace lily.

ZZ Plant

Next on the list is ZZ Plant. Shiny, waxy-looking leaves make the ZZ plant stand out from any dark corners of your living room. That’s right: This plant tolerates the lowest light levels you can throw at it! It is one of the toughest house plants around, It will survive even if you forget to keep it under water for a few weeks. It is recommended to water the plant only when the top few inches of soil are dry.


Also known as Song of India or Pleomele, Dracaena is a decorative houseplant. This plant is very easy to care, and they can resist a certain amount of neglect. They prefer medium to bright light and light to moist soil. These plants help improve air quality and are perfect for any living room.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you are lucky enough to live in a spacious and sunny room, you must get a fiddle leaf fig plant. They look equally cool and fun and a great decorating element. Feld leaf figs attract its fascination with an attractively oversized leaves atop a comically spindly trunk. A wired but a fascinating plant for your living space. Also, it makes a great plant gift for boyfriend, friend, or anyone you wish to send your love to.


The small anthuriums are perfect for adding a bright pop color to any room in the home without taking up too much space. They can tolerate all types of light, but will grow best with bright, indirect light.


It is no easier than this carefree lining plant with shiny green leaves. To enhance the look of your living space keep Pothos in a hanging pot or push their long nails under the bookshelf. They look fantastic. Pothos prefer low to medium light. Allow it to dry between water.

Prayer plant

The prayer plant has very curved leaves that curl, as in prayer, in response to darkness. It is a beautiful accent plant to add a splash of color. Keep the prayer plant in moderate light, and keep the soil moist.

Apart from these, you have good luck plants for office and homes too which not only bring good luck and wealth but also brighten up your space. Get one today!