Top Tech Careers to look Out For in 2022


Looking to expand into a new line of work? Tech positions are an excellent way to enter the modern working world and prove yourself invaluable.

Have you considered a career in technology? While many of us may be facing redundancy thanks to the Cost of Living Crisis, a new career in IT or technology could be the answer. Those that have the tech-savvy mindset are at an advantage when it comes to tech and IT, but that doesn’t mean to say that those without the know-how are exempt. Tech is something you can learn through study and stubbornness. If you have it in you, you could stand to make more money than any other career you have had in your lifetime.

Sound interesting? Let’s look at the top positions in tech and how much they pay. Could the world of IT earn your fortune for you? It could if you choose one of these roles.

The Top Paying Tech Jobs to Look for in 2022

We consulted with the tech job finding experts at to collate this list of top paying tech jobs you can sink your teeth into. Here are the roles you should favour if you are retraining in tech.

5 – The Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer or engineer is someone who creates programs and system applications from the ground up. This means they design it, they build it, they maintain it, and they streamline it. They do every essential role required to get a program from nothing through to completion. They develop the full stack, the whole thing. They are worth their body weight in gold. Their starting salary is between £75 and £95,0000.

4 – DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers see the proposed digital product from the idea to fruition. They design digital products such as games and apps. They create the product through coding, then they maintain the coding after deployment. Code can be buggy, things can go wrong, the DevOps engineer fixes them. The average salary in the UK is £44k, but they can earn upwards of £100k if they are high end developers.

3 – Solutions Architect

A solutions architect uses their in-depth knowledge of building in the digital world, to create solutions for big businesses. A solutions architect can earn upwards of £50k from their first year. They are the people who build the framework for other programs to run on.

2 – Data Scientist

Depending on what you do under this role, you can earn a huge salary. Data scientists use various techniques to process the data that organisations receive each day. Using this analytical information, they then create visuals which help companies see the stats. Next, they use that data to predict trends, to foresee crashes, and to produce solutions to problems that businesses didn’t even realise that they had. The average salary for this is £46k, but the more you learn, the better you get paid.

1 – Blockchain Engineers

If you want to make the big bucks, you need to learn how to create cryptocurrency. We make it through Blockchain technology, where hundreds of computers are solving complex mathematical equations over time. This is like the network made of networks, it is the origin point of crypto, and it represents the safest way to store information digitally on the planet to date. Expect to earn a salary that tops £150,000 in the right circumstances.