Ways You Can Style Your Bunk Bed To Provide Comfort And Aesthetic!

Home Improvement

Here are some designs ideas for your bunk bed that can add both fun and style to your kid’s room and add the sleeping value for your kids:

2 bunk beds in horizontal position and stairs at right angles:

You might have heard about bunk beds with stairs which are available in a variety of styles and the best ones are those which are at right angle to the position of the bed and thus allow some storage space behind each step where there can be placed the toys of your kids or even story books or other small things your kids might want to keep in their possession and close to them.

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Building a bunk bed on top of a storage space:

This means that you should have sufficient ceiling space in your home to allow sufficient space for this type of bunk bed to be made. One option is that you have 2 bunk beds, for attaching to the ground and there are drawers beneath it and the other one is same but is at the top. In this way, things such as clothes can be stored under both bunk beds. Another option is applicable if you have limited bed space and then you can have some shelves, drawers and a small table-like arrangement built on the ground but placing the bed on top. This is good if your kid likes this sort of pleasures and hides and seeks.

3 bunk beds in a staggered arrangement:

This can be interesting and this arrangement can be made possible with a short wall of a room where 3 of your kids can play and enjoy on their beds and play games too. This involves the first and top bed placed in one direction but the space between them is quite high which makes room for the middle bed but this one is placed at right angles to the first 2 beds and having small stairs on each side to allow up and down movements. This is an awesome idea to implement.

Having features suiting your kids’ age:

You can have many other added features with a bunk bed such as building it like a tree house or having places to climb or making it as a tractor and it requires skill and money to build these according to best safety standards.