What Is PWA

What Is PWA & Why It Matters To Your Business


The last few years witness an upward trend in Progressive Web App sales with a notable increase in the number of users. Today, many leading profiles of different fields all over the world namely Starbucks, Alibaba, Uber, Pinterest, Forbes, and so on already own a PWA. So, what would be the possible reason behind that trend?

In this blog, we will take you around PWA technology to figure out why enterprise owners make PWA their choice.

What Is PWA?

PWA refers to Progressive Web Application which is a web application that offers an app-like interface. It engages user experience by making use of modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript and trendy designs.

First launched by Google in 2015, PWA purpose was to provide certain benefits to both users and developers. Later, it was quickly taken into businesses’ consideration because of its effectiveness in going with a cheap price.

Why Does Your Business Need PWA Power?

Regarding online strategies to boost the company revenue besides the website, people tend to think about a native app. In fact, as estimated in 2021, a simple app with basic functionalities may take us up to $60,000. Thus, an authentic and complex app will absolutely cost a fortune.

Whereas, according to statistics published by Adjust in 2018, due to elements such as full storage problems or battery life depletion people remove apps from devices only after a week of usage.

The numbers pose a question of whether there is another effective technology but still delivers similar experiences or not. For these reasons, Progressive Web App beyond all expectations is the most appropriate answer at the moment.

It brings various benefits

1/ Lower cost

Compared to a native app, PWA development expense is much more reasonable because the owner does not have to pay an annual fee for app distribution service from Google Play or App Store.

In addition, its operation cost including the costs of launching, updating and fixing is cheaper without the third party’s appearance.

Besides, thanks to PWA’s push notification function and ability to support SEO, you can cut down on marketing expenses. With a specific URL for each page, every piece of information on PWA can be found on search engines. This is a really great feature because users are able to optimize their content with SEO, leading to less reliance on ads.

Improved customer experience

With an app-like interface, PWA is extremely user-friendly. Also, it upgrades users’ access speed. For example, Tinder’s latest PWA reduced load time by three times from approximately 12 seconds to around 4 seconds.

Although PWA has several features of a native app, it does not take up your users’ smartphone’s space. If an application can take up to 200MB of device storage and even more after an update, PWA only weighs around KB.

Furthermore, no matter what your customers’ device and its operating system are, PWA is adaptable to it. It can be easily installed with add-to-home-screen function in smartphones, tablets, and desktops of iOS, Android, or Windows.

Higher conversion rate

Another strength of PWA is that it can draw your customer’s attention and promote their engagement by its push notification feature which keeps them updated with product discounts and vouchers. This factor contributes to an enhancement in your conversion rate.

For example, Wego reported reaching conversions up to 95% while Pinterest raised user engagement by 60% after introducing PWA to their customers.

PWA is the current trend

As mentioned previously, Progressive Web App is becoming increasingly common and might be all the rage in the near future.

Hence, in the world of technology, there is obviously a need for enterprises to stay up to date.

Moreover, being a pioneer does give them certain advantages over their competitors.

So Why Not?

Are you a business owner? If yes, Progressive Web App – a perfect combination of a website and a native app is exactly a smart choice for you. No more problems with great app-running expenses, advertising fee, etc. PWA will help you solve them all and even more than that.