What Makes Managed VPS Hosting A Better Option For Your Blog?


Usually, new blogs with a few hundred visitors per day opt for a Shared Web Hosting service to host their blogs. However, if you own a blog that has a great potential for future growth or receives thousands of visitors per day, then you require something much more robust and reliable than a Shared Server.

Several web hosting services are available to consider for your blog, including VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. However, as a full-time blogger with not much technical experience and knowledge, it is recommended to go for a Managed VPS Server Hosting service.

Managed VPS Hosting does not require you to maintain or manage your server or worry about the backend technical aspects of web hosting, as it is handled and taken care of by your web hosting provider.

Let us understand more about the need and benefits of a Managed VPS Hosting plan for your blog.

Reasons to opt for Managed VPS Hosting for Your Blog

Several bloggers and businesses are increasingly relying on and opting for Managed VPS services, and here’s why you might need it for your blog.

1. Unexpected increase in blog traffic

Suppose you are experiencing a tremendous boost in your blog’s traffic of around 5000-8000 visitors a day due to new product launches, offers, or seasonal promotions. In that case, it is critical to shift your blog’s web hosting to a Managed VPS Hosting solution.

Increased traffic is a sign of growth; however, if you do not choose an advanced hosting solution on time, it can result in downtimes and performance lags on your blog.

In addition, since it is a Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting, your web hosting provider will monitor your server hardware, operating system, network traffic, memory, disk usage, applications, and more. This ensures your blog runs smoothly and efficiently despite huge traffic.

2. Enhanced security

Another reason to opt for Managed VPS Hosting is if security is a major concern for your blog.

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If you want to ensure high blog security but do not have the technical expertise to implement robust security measures, Managed VPS is your solution.

Your hosting provider will perform several requisite security configurations, such as malware scanning, installing security mechanisms to protect applications against DDoS attacks, and more.

3. Round-the-clock support

As a blogger, there are high chances of you encountering technical issues and difficulties. If you do not timely address these issues, it can jeopardise your blog operations, resulting in huge losses.

With Managed Windows or Managed Linux VPS Hosting, your blog gets highly available 24/7 support from experts and dedicated professionals that are readily available to help you with technical issues at any given time and day.


In Managed VPS Hosting, it is the web hosting provider’s responsibility to keep your blog accessible, secure, and high-performing to let you offer an enhanced user experience to your viewers.

While your hosting company takes care of the server monitoring, security, network traffic, data backup, and other backend technicalities, you can leverage this time and focus on growing your blog to reach more potential viewers and customers.

Hence, analyse your blog’s traffic and other requirements and choose a suitable, affordable, and reliable Managed VPS Hosting service for your blog’s success and growth.