Accurate Drug Testing Made Easy


Is it proven?

Being in the drug testing industry since 2009 and having more than 15,000 companies that trust them is enough proof for their accuracy when it comes to giving results and creating easier way to test drug addiction. They have many different kinds of test kits for different kinds of suspected addiction that can be used using different samples from the donor. Being an addict can be differentiated depending on what drug you are dependent, some uses cocaine, heroin or even crack; these are the top drugs that many may be using which can be easily detected using test kits. They also have kits that gives accurate alcohol test results using urine sample or breathe analyzers, making it simple and easy for anyone to be tested in any time of the day without waiting long for the results to be known all giving 99% of accuracy for every test kit used.

Fast Results

Since the test kits are meant to be used even at households, it has an easy to follow steps that you can follow to see the results, it is very easy and convenient to use. Drug Tests in Bulk has different kinds of test kits and the most used are the urine cups; made to test drug content on body using the information that your urine sample provides. The cup has safety features like temperature strip that test if the sample is fresh and pure without any dilution and contaminated in any form making sure that you only test fresh urine samples. The results will be shown at the back with easy to read features using a dye that goes up and shows what kind of drug is present to the body. This is the fastest and most accurate way that most companies to test if their staffs are free from addiction in any kind.

Though addiction of any form is widely known in any part of the world, detection is the hardest to do because it takes time to show signs and symptoms, with this kind of test you are now given a chance to test someone in less than 5 minutes using this product. Detecting can also be a way to help someone stop the addiction and further damage to its body and at the same time prevent the worst case scenarios that may happen like serious crimes committed by drug dependents.