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Best Places to Buy Plants Online


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Everyone is picking up a new hobby during the pandemic. With work from home and a big break from schools and colleges, there is a lot of time on people’s hands that they can invest in activities like planting flowers and starting vegetable gardens. People are also realizing the importance of indoor plants and how they make the house so much better looking, and also help make the air inside the house fresher and healthier. If you don’t know where to start buying plants from, here is a list of online stores that sell a wide range of plants.

Best Online Store for Buying Plants


The biggest issue we face with having plants shipped from another city or country is their packaging. Brutal packaging and rough handling by the logistics companies often lead to damage to the plants. However, with Bloomscape, this will not be an issue. Bloomscape is known for its timely deliveries and well-packaged plants. They use a bunch of packaging materials, including coco fiber mats and Spanish moss, to give complete protection to the plant.

Moreover, the store also offers a 30-day return policy for all their products. There is a wide variety of small plants, whose price starts at $35. This is a good point since their shipping is free for orders above $50, so you can order a bunch of plants together and avoid shipping costs too!

They also categorize their plants as home plants, indoor plants, spring collection, and outdoor collection. This makes it easier for users to surf through the website without having much trouble. You can also find care tools and pet-friendly plant recommendations. With a plant life blog, shipment tracking feature, first-timer signup discounts, and a Vera Plant care mobile app, this online store is perhaps the most versatile of all.

The Sill

The Sill, like its interesting and metaphoric name, has a diverse range of indoor home plants. The store is a complete paradise for plant lovers. You can find anything here starting from small plants to plant pots and accessories to care tools and subscription boxes too! we have all heard of subscription boxes in the beauty and makeup world, but what does a subscription box have to do with an online plant store?

The subscription boxes include an easy-to-care plant every month. The biggest highlight of the box is their ceramic planters that are very trendy and in-style. The cost of the subscription box also covers shipping charges. It can be gifted to someone else as well!

They also have a Plant Parent club membership program. If you become a member here, you can reap benefits such as 10% off on all purchases, access to online workshops, and free shipping too. The membership costs only $3 a month, so it’s of great value too.

As for shipping rates, here is what they charge:

  • $5 for orders below $10
  • $10 for orders between $10 to $100
  • $25 for orders above $100

The store also takes care of its customer by adapting to the current situation with the pandemic. They offer contactless deliveries in local cities which include Northern New Jersey and New York City.

Online stores ship your product depending on their convenience and schedules. Well, here is the catch with The store lets you pick a date or day for your product’s delivery depending on their shipping method and location too. It is a complete store where you will find a bunch of plant categories to choose from, including home plants, air-purifying plants, plants for beginners, and low-maintenance ones too.

As for return and refund, lets you exchange or return your product within the first 30-days of the purchase. However, this is only applicable if your plants arrived damaged.

You can shop plants from this store based on the room you want to set the plant in too. Their “shop by room category” has rooms including living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office. Other categories include succulents, pet-friendly plants, orchids, herbs, and plant accessories too! They also have a plant blog where you can find excellent tips and recommendations from.

The Bouqs

The best part about bouquets is that they are fresh and healthy. Plant stores often ship products that have been sitting in their stores for a long time, which then take time to deliver so they are not exactly as fresh as bouquets. This is where The Bouqs store comes in. They deliver plants fresh from the farm, where you place an order and they ship it instantly.

Other important features of the store are that they let you choose a delivery time window, and even get a tracking number for the shipment. You can instantly get a return or accommodation from the store in case you receive damaged products. Simply sending them a picture of damaged plants can get you the assistance you need.

In terms of shipping fee, members of the store have to pay $12 while non-members pay an $18 delivery fee. Like The Sill, this store also has subscription boxes. With a subscription, you can gift other people by customizing the recipient’s address, getting special discounts, and quick deliveries too.

You can shop products from various categories including best sellers, birthday gifts, plants that are priced less than $50, and plants that are ready to ship as soon as possible!


Shopping online with a reliable internet speed provided by the AT&T new service is a lot more convenient and economical. With the pandemic on our heads and all the troubles with taking care of our safety, online shopping is definitely the wisest choice. However, make sure that you have gone through the refund, return, and exchange policy of the store before you buy anything from them. In addition to this, some stores have a mobile app version, so using that for shopping is also very user-friendly.

For fresh plants, The Bouq store seems like the best option. Meanwhile, people who want easy plants like succulents or just want to add some chic touch to their house’s interior can buy faux plants from The Sill. For true plant lovers, subscription boxes also sound like an interesting choice!