Where can I buy surgical masks in Malaysia?


Covid-19 is a virus that is considered as a threat to humanity. In early 2020, the WHO (World Health Organization) has concluded that the Covid-19 virus needs to be considered as a pandemic. This is due to the fact that it is very deadly and can cause death through its infection. In fact, it has affected millions of people throughout the world since its first day of infection and has killed thousands of people, especially the elderly. Because of this, the governments in most countries in this world had implemented their health protocols in order to help fight and stop this pandemic. This is the reason why the use of face masks has increased greatly over the years. It has become a new norm that every person that wants to go out and meet other people needs to wear a face mask. But, how far can the face mask protect us from this infection? Is there any trusted face mask producer that produces high quality face masks in Malaysia? Thankfully, Medico’s face mask is here.

What is Medicos face mask? Medicos face mask is one of the leading companies that produces face masks in Malaysia. The fascinating thing about it is they did not just produce a face mask; they produce a high quality surgical face mask. Their face masks use soft material and it is very comfortable to wear. This type of face mask is very good in protecting yourself against the Covid-19 strain because it is protected by layers of masks and also contains antiviral properties, making it a safe product to use. Usually, surgical face masks are very hard to find. However, with Medico’s face mask as the producer, the task will be easier than ever.

In Malaysia, you can easily buy surgical face masks in a lot of shops that sell medical stuff. Usually, Medicos face masks can be found in any pharmacies nearby you. Besides, it is also sold in most health stores such as Watson and Guardian, making it very easy to find. If you think that going to these places just to buy this face mask will take a chunk of your time, you can always buy it online. Yes, online shopping is on the rise lately and this is one of the reasons why it is very easy to find this product. If you are interested in buying it online, you can always visit any health stores or online pharmacy. In Malaysia, one of the leading online pharmacies is DoctorOnCall. Just one click and your face mask will arrive the next day.

However, bear in mind that wearing a face mask alone is not sufficient if you want to protect yourself from this pandemic. You need to always stick to the Covid-19 protocols that have been implemented. Always wash and sanitize your hand frequently, avoid going to a crowded place, always remember to put your mask on whenever you want to meet someone, clean your environment regularly and please do practice social distancing for at least 1 meter apart. If you manage to follow all of these instructions without failure, there is a high probability that you will not get infected. Besides, if you want 100% protection or immunity against Covid-19, you can always sign up for the Covid-19 vaccination program. To do this, you can simply go to the government health’s website or application and apply for the program. Remember to always look up for your health. Stay safe and hopefully this pandemic will be over soon.